Documentaries / Other information


Documentaries / Other information




Abduction Researchers

Budd Hopkins

Dr. David Jacobs

Dr. John Mack

Dr. Roger K.

Mary Rodwell – 
Ms Rodwell has now counselled more than 3000 people who claim to have been abducted

Luigi Vendittelli

Yvonne Smith

Linda Moulton Howe possess much interest and knowledge about the abduction phenomenon. She has spent many years researching and writing on the subject.


Linda Moulton Howe – Alien Abductions





Abductee Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the leader of the southern region of Kalmykia – Russia (BBC)
– Meet the president (Part 1 & Part 2)

Simon Parkes – Labour Party councillor for Whitby (UK Politician)
– News article from International Business Times

Abducted young lady speaks out in British morning TV
 (Banned From UK TV!)

Fran Drescher: Aliens Abducted Me, Implanted a Chip in My Hand

NBA’s Baron Davis: I was ‘abducted by aliens’ in desert two weeks ago

British artist claims to have been visited by aliens SIX times in 10 years

Travis Walton known for his abduction event in 1975 still feels haunted

Brazilian police claim to be abducted once a week (June 2015)

British policeman claims he was ‘ABDUCTED by aliens after UFO stalked him’ (2015)

‘I was abducted by aliens – and they put a machine in my body’ (2) (July 2015)

‘We had sex with aliens… and gave birth to their babies’: Girls make bizarre UFO abduction claim (2016)

Alien star map drawn by woman who claimed UFO abducted her in 1960s

Budd Hopkins + An Abductees speaks out on CNN (2009)

KLTV 7 News East Texas Womans Speaks of Close Alien Encounter (2009)

40 years later: Most documented UFO sighting, abduction still draw interest

Allegedly abduction filmed by surveillance camera (video)